Becoming consistent in writing this year

Becoming consistent in writing this year

I started this blog in 2013. It’ll be almost a decade that I’ve started a blog.

I started the blog for the sole reason of documenting my ideas, thoughts, experiments that I am doing and adding personal & professional life changes.

Since then, I’ve written only about 35 blog posts. I am not running after or disheartened at the number but the reason for which I started the blog. Initially, I wrote decently for my age. I was in college and learning design on my own.

I was also reading a few self-help books and writing seemed like a great way to jot down the things I was learning from the book to remember them well but writing them as blog posts also acted as a reference point for my future self.

As I progressed towards finding & getting a job, writing became less of a priority. Yes, I did continue writing and brainstorming for the design problems I was working on at my day job but I wasn’t writing for my passive thoughts. They were not getting captured, identified, and dissected.

I did manage to journal privately in a notebook and lately on my iPad but I never published them.

Last year, I left my job and took a sabbatical for a few months before going into “job hunt” mode. I’ve used this time to do all the things that I’d not find time for or wanted to do for a longer period of time. Like watching some bookmarked YT videos, reading some bookmarked articles, playing some games, working on a side project, etc.

In the last few weeks, I’ve started reading articles of various kinds related to my interest or need. And I’ve started writing a lot too. Mostly for my portfolio redesign project. And I don’t want the habit to die.

So, starting this year, I am picking a smaller goal that I can achieve. I’ll write a minimum of 1 blog post per month.

I don’t have a shortage of thoughts or ideas on which I want to write. It’s the consistency that I’ve not been able to maintain for writing after all these years. Glad that I was able to type all this much in a single sitting of 15 mins. I can tie this focus of mine to my recent habit of reading long articles and writing in between.

Will close this by mentioning one small article that Seth wrote last year that stuck with me and pushed me towards writing consistently again. The blog was titled “Write something” and here’s the snippet of the blog.

You can also read it here:

Ending this post here but starting a habit of writing consistently.

Write soon :)