Why this blog?

Why this blog?

Since childhood, I hated books. I had this perspective that people who read books, write novels, articles or blogs are boring. They live a monotonous life and are introverts.

It's 2013, and still today, I hate to study and I know the reason. It’s because the topics are not of my interest (which is widely a generalized case). But as I grew up and developed interest in design, I decided to make a career in it.

Later, while moving forward, I started developing questions like “how to be more focused towards your goal”, “what to do when off-tracked”, “how to lead a good life” and so on. I wanted answers.

This led me to follow some self-help blogs and writers (offering the same) like Zen Habits, Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma and others which at some extent answered my questions. I searched everywhere and got different answers but the most common and foundational was: TO START WRITING.

I was shocked to discover that “writing” was recommended by almost every expert as a starting point. So to give writing a try, I begun documenting my routine and works (which is a short of writing, I decided to stick to) from 24th of September, 2012 (5 days after I launched my portfolio website).

I started to plan in advance like what I wanted to do the next day, next week, next month or next year. By documenting every step, I noticed that my brain was rewiring a bit and started think in to-dos frequently. I tried to maintain the pace of documentation, but failed many times during the course.

By writing I dumped whatever’s in there, in my head and those write-ups reflected my thinking level, my personality, what I am now, what I wanted to be, what I needed in life, etc. Writing made my thinking visible. It has refined my ideas. It has enhanced my power of perception. It made me believe:

what you think, you can write and what you write, you can think upon

I still document my plans and it was only through the process of writing that made me realize that through writing or expressing my thoughts, I can always know about myself, where I stand, and what actions do I need to take to make any changes.

Also, by writing something knowingly or unknowingly you’re trying to analyze the content. So I think this whole writing process is a tool to analyze and improve your personality in many ways. These results forced me to admit and appreciate that journalist and writers who have continued to read and write their whole life are not only making a living out of it, but are also improving their personality day-by-day. They re-wire their brain functions through the process of writing.

Relevantly, I read this book called The Shallows – What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, written by Nicholas Carr, which explains how the internet is deteriorating our brain functions in many ways.

Thus, finally I decided to start a blog only to pen down and analyze my views on a particular subject. To clarify why I am starting this blog, I'd like to point the reasons in two categories:

  1. What this blog is not about
  2. What this blog is about

This blog is not about:

  1. making money
  2. trying to change anyone’s life (not my motto)
  3. getting readers or views
  4. promoting something (although I am promoting “writing” here)
  5. starting a career in blogging
  6. showing my knowledge

This blog is about:

  1. developing a writing habit
  2. expressing my thoughts and opinions
  3. improving myself by analyzing my views

Let's Happy writing people!