No-Tech mornings ☀️

No-Tech mornings ☀️

I love technology. I buy the latest gadgets. I research and invest in "smart home" devices/projects. I excitedly surf the web to find new information about upcoming tech. And I love that technology has facilitated us with amazing digital tools like Twitter/LinkedIn, where we can communicate with each other and participate in global conversations.

I don't know about you but I realize and acknowledge everyday that we live in a golden age of technology. It has empowered us to do so many things so easily. That's why I love technology.

But all that convenience and comfort comes at a cost. Every morning, I wake up and take my phone with me to the bathroom. I surf Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and all the other communication apps, just checking in and hoping something interesting will come up to entertain me while I shit.

This has become a force of habit. A second nature of its own. Even if I don't take my phone to the bathroom, I come back, lie on the bed and use my phone for 10-15 mins before getting up to start the day.

I do resist it sometimes and try not to check my phone up until 12ish noon, when I sit down at my desk and start working. Honestly, on those days, I have felt really peaceful and focused.

It's mind-blowing how randomly using our smart devices (i.e. to surf the internet without any purpose) for just 15-20 mins at the start of the day fucks up with our metal state. It puts us off our target focused zone for the day. I don't need to do any extensive research to prove that. There has been a ton of research on how too much of unintentional use of social media (or internet in general) reduces our attention span.

So starting today, I am going to run an experiment till the end of this year, 2021. The definition of this experiment is very simple:

Do not use your phone for the 1st half of the day.

Only exemption to use the phone will be when:

  • Someone calls me
  • Someone texts me asking something time-sensitive

Except those two cases, I'll try not to use my phone to surf the internet, check my social media, watch YouTube or any other streaming services.

Let's see how I do. I'll keep posting mini-updates on my Twitter profile (@sankalpdomore) if you're interested. Peace out ✌️